Faith Carried Moses

“The author gives us a remarkable instance of the description of faith found in Hebrews 11:1.  Moses was assured of the things he was hoping for; he was convinced that the things not seen existed.  Moses believed God on the basis of His divine revelation and promises.  It was as if he had seen them with his eyes.  He valued these spiritual blessings according to their real value.  It is our duty to set our hope on the eternal reward, especially so in affliction.  Moses would not have been able to go through so much hardship had not faith been ruling over his heart and mind.  There is no other way to victory than through faith in exercise, which will never fail us.  Faith carried Moses safely through all his circumstances.  It will do the same for us.”  –Michael Stohlmeyer notes on John Owen “Hebrews” Vol. 7 pp. 157-159

About Maureen Stohlmeyer

Grateful to have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for nearly 35 years who is now with the Lord, I would like to share from writers from the past who have strengthened our faith and walk with Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. His walk with God was deeply enriched by the writings of authors from the past and I dedicate this blog to him and to them.
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