Our Guide Until Death

” ‘And we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand.’  …we are his people whom he daily feeds and protects.  Our pastures are not ours, but his; we draw all our supplies from his stores.  We are his, even as sheep belong to the shepherd, and his hand is our rule, our guidance, our government, our succour, our source of supply.  Israel was led through the desert, and we are led through this life by ‘that great Shepherd of the sheep.’  The hand which cleft the sea and brought water from the rock is still with us, working equal wonders.  Can we refuse to ‘worship and bow down’ when we clearly see that ‘this God is our God for ever and ever, and will be our guide, even unto death’?”  –Charles H. Spurgeon “The Treasury of David” Vol. 2 p. 166 (on Psalm 95)

About Maureen Stohlmeyer

Grateful to have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for nearly 35 years who is now with the Lord, I would like to share from writers from the past who have strengthened our faith and walk with Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. His walk with God was deeply enriched by the writings of authors from the past and I dedicate this blog to him and to them.
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