Passion for God and His Word

“I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, as much as in all riches” (Psalms 119:14). Every autumn we see how excited and enthusiastic people become about football. Are we fans or fanatics? The Christian should display that degree of passion over God and His word. The fact that we do not is a measure of how deranged our affections have become because of sin. A heart that has experienced the power of God’s grace will rejoice more in the way of His word than in all riches. Our affections should be in harmony with the true worth of things. Objects of great value should have more of our hearts than those of less value. The prime act of grace is seeing and choosing God as our highest good. The more grace works to change our affections, the more will our desires and passions move away from created things to God. Things that once commanded our full interest and were so important to us will lose their attraction. Grace will turn our affections to the most noble objects, to things that are truly worthy of all that is in us.”  –Michael Stohlmeyer

About Maureen Stohlmeyer

Grateful to have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for nearly 35 years who is now with the Lord, I would like to share from writers from the past who have strengthened our faith and walk with Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. His walk with God was deeply enriched by the writings of authors from the past and I dedicate this blog to him and to them.
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