The Sun Is The Shadow of God’s Glory

“When we behold the sun let us consider that there we behold the shadow of God’s glory. In the morning when you awake and behold the light, consider that you behold a fresh manifestation of the lovely glory of God. When you see the sun lifiting up its head over the mountains, consider the brightness of the Sun of Righteousness.  And if outward light be such a testimony of the excellency of the Father of it, much more is spiritual light the light of spiritual knowledge and of spiritual comfort.”  –Jonathan Edwards “The Blessing of God” p. 353

About Maureen Stohlmeyer

Grateful to have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for nearly 35 years who is now with the Lord, I would like to share from writers from the past who have strengthened our faith and walk with Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. His walk with God was deeply enriched by the writings of authors from the past and I dedicate this blog to him and to them.
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