The Gospel Is Our Only Hope

“Those words of 1 Cor. 15:19 make it clear that we have no ground for hope beyond this life except in the divine revelation made in the gospel. Nay, we may go further and affirm that even for this present life there is no hope for any sinner apart from the revelation of Christ in the gospel of God’s grace. It cannot be too plainly and emphatically insisted upon today that if the gospel is jettisoned there is no well-grounded hope for any man, either in this life or the life to come. The Christless, whether they live moral or immoral lives, are described by the infallible pen of inspiration as ‘having no hope, and without God in the world’ (Eph. 2:12). And such ‘hope’ as they do cherish is but imaginary, blind, impudent, and presumptuous; in the moment of death it will be found to be empty deceit. ‘The hypocrite’s hope shall perish’ (Job. 8:13). Make sure YOUR hope is grounded upon the gospel.” –A.W. Pink “Gleanings From Paul” p. 311

About Maureen Stohlmeyer

Grateful to have been married to my wonderful husband Michael for nearly 35 years who is now with the Lord, I would like to share from writers from the past who have strengthened our faith and walk with Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. His walk with God was deeply enriched by the writings of authors from the past and I dedicate this blog to him and to them.
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