God Is Not Tied

“…the Lord is not confined to any one method, but has a variety of ways in bringing the same end to pass. God sometimes works one way and sometimes another, employing this means today and that tomorrow, in accomplishing His counsels. God is sovereign and acts not according to rule and rote. He ever acts according to His own good pleasure, and this He does in order to display His all-sufficiency, to exhibit His manifold wisdom, and to demonstrate the greatness of His power. God is not tied and if He closes one door He can easily open another.” –A.W. Pink “The Life of Elijah” p. 49

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The Church Is To Be Salt

“…it is the churches which regulate the pulse of the nation. They act as the ‘salt’ upon the corporate body, and when their ways please the Lord, He gives them favour in the eyes of those round about them. When the Holy Spirit is unhindered, His power is manifested, not only in calling out the elect, but in subduing sin in the non-elect and by causing the machine of state to support godliness, as was more or less noticeably the case a hundred years ago. But when error comes into the churches and discipline is relaxed, the Spirit is grieved and His power is withheld, and the evil effects of this become more and more apparent in the country by a rising tide of lawlessness.  If the churches persist in a downward course, then the Spirit is quenched and ‘Ichabod’ is written over them, as is the case today. Then it is that the restraining hand of God is removed and an orgy of licentiousness comes in. Then it is the governmant becomes an empty title, for those in power have no power except what the people have delegated to them, and therefore they act in accord with the depraved desires of the masses.”  –A.W. Pink “The Life of Elijah” p. 281

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Wonders Will Never Cease

“Wonders will never cease while there is a God in existence, a Saviour on the throne, and a Holy Spirit fitting men’s souls for glory.  Luther:  ‘Each believer is a new creature and a marvellous work of God; and all believers daily do marvellous works and are marvellous monuments, in that they continue in spiritual life, and are finally conquerors over the mighty powers of sin and the devil.’  Heaven is and ever will be full of wonders.”  –William S. Plumer “Psalms” p. 880

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Declare His Glory

“Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.  Psalm 96:3  …we are to employ all proper means for making known the Saviour.  One of these methods is by writing.  His glory and his wonders are the same (John 2:11).  His divinity, incarnation, birth, life, miracles, teachings, example, death, resurrection, ascension, session at God’s right hand and coming to judgment, are his wonders and his glory too.”  –William S. Plumer “Psalms” p. 878

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Healing the Disease of Sin

“And so a look at Christ does not merely take away sin, but it heals the disease of sin; and mark you, it is the only possible healing for the leprosy of iniquity. Faith in Jesus brings the Holy Spirit with his sacred weapons of invincible warfare into the field of the human heart, and he overflows the impregnable strongholds of sin… Sin being make to appear sin, grace is made to appear grace; God’s Holy Spirit gets the victory, and we are saved.” –C.H. Spurgeon sermon “The Monster Dragged to Light”

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Strange Fire

“Sin is that strange fire which burns the more fiercely for being damped, finding fuel in the water which was intended to quench it. The Lord brings good out of evil, but sin brings evil out of good.  …There is in us by nature a propensity to sin which we cannot conquer, and yet conquered it must be, or we can never enter heaven. …We must be new created.  There is a fountain filled with the blood of God’s own Son.  He that is washed there shall be made white.”  –C. H. Spurgeon “The Monster Dragged to Light” sermon

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A Work of Grace

“…man will not renounce his self-righteousness till he sees his sinfulness. …As long as it is possible for us to swim on the bladders of our own righteousness we will never take the life-boat of Christ’s righteousness.  We can only be driven to free grace by sheer stress of weather; and as long as our leaky barque of self-will only keeps us above the flood, we will hold to it. It is a miracle of grace to make a man see himself, so as to loathe himself, and confess the impossibility of being saved by his own works. Yet, till this is done, faith in Jesus is impossible…” — C.H. Spurgeon sermon “The Monster Dragged to Light”

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