Becoming A Giant

“How seldom a man reaches his full stature in quiet times! It is amid bitter experience of opposition and strain; it is in having to contend with beasts at Ephesus, skirting ever and anon the gulf of despair, and being often thrown down and almost buried under avalanches of misfortune, yet never suffered to lose all hope, or to despair of God, but enabled to rise up again and take courage and renew the conflict;–it is amid difficulties of this sort that men rise to their full stature and become giants.” –William Blaikie “Heroes of Israel” p. 411

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God and Chance

“If chance exists, God cannot exist. If one molecule flies wild by chance, then God is not sovereign. If God is not sovereign, then God is not God. God and chance simply cannot coexist.” –R.C. Sproul “The Invisible Hand” p. 157

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Chance Is Nothing

“Chance does not cause anything to happen because it has no power to do anything. It has no power to do anything because chance itself is not a thing that exercises power or force. It is not a thing; it has no being. And since it has no being, it can exert no force. Chance is a word, not a power. For something to exercise force it must have being or it can have no force. It is still an axiom of both philosophy and science that ex nihilo, nihil fit, out of nothing, nothing comes. Nothing cannot do something. Since chance is nothing, it cannot do anything. ”  R.C. Sproul “The Invisible Hand” p. 156

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Not A Chance

“The doctrine of the providence of God leaves no room for fate, blind or otherwise. God is not blind; neither is He capricious. For Him there are no accidents. With God there are no cases of chance events. As I have labored to demoonstrate in my book Not A Chance, there is no such thing as chance. The word chance is a meaningful term to describe mathematical possiblilities. We can calculate the odds of various things happening given certain conditions. But chance itself does not contribute to the event. It does not cause anything.” –R.C. Sproul “The Invisible Hand” p. 156

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Fully Pardoned

“When Christ became our sacrifice, he bore away our sins. The word ‘to bear’ is a full and emphatic word, signifying not only to bear, but to bear away. This is a real purging of sin. How great a mercy is this? ‘Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered’ (Psa. 32:1). Who can express the happiness of such a state as this? Pardoned reader, let me beg you, look over the cancelled bonds, and see what a vast sum has been remitted to you. Remember your natural state, and yet pardoned. Fully, finally, and freely pardoned!” –John Flavel as quoted in “Voices From The Past” Vol. 1, p. 21

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His Love Is the Foundation of His Mercy

“In loving us (which is the foundation of all grace to us, for love is the ground of all mercy, Eph. 2:4, and so of all benefits of salvation) he is the first. So it is said expressly, 1 John 4:19, ‘We love him because he first loved us,’ and not we him, ver. 10. And he is the last in loving also; ‘whom he loved he loved to the end,’ John 13:1; and we should not love him to the end, if he did not continue to love us to the end. Thus it is in the foundation of mercy.” –Thomas Goodwin “Works of…” Vol. 8 p. 39

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Continual Mercy

“God must not only take us to be his, but keep us to be his, and continue to be merciful to us, according to this his great name, or we shall be utterly lost and undone.” –Thomas Goodwin “Works of…” Vol. 8, p. 19

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